Welcome to Tay's Reflective Corner! ;)

Well, what an insane project this was! This took me a total of 13 hours to complete, so you can understand how much it means to me. Not being able to use HTML very well, I can see that my work is not perfect, but I am very thrilled with how it turned out. I poured my absolute all into it and that is enough for me! I used a variation of technologies including audio, video, and writing. The overall basis of my project was that I, the creator, invited the viewer to interact with my website as a means to "choose my adventure". With every brief introduction to a video, there would be one or two options below for the viewer to click on. Each selection dictates what I will be doing next! Some options transfer the reader back to the start - somewhat saying "game over" or "try again" - while others smoothly transition the viewer to more adventure points. Each video consisted of long hours filming myself doing various tasks and activities. When finished, I had to edit those hours of footage down to mere seconds and minutes. Trying to figure out what was valuable and what I could shave off proved difficult, but it was a part of the process. My least favorite activity in the editing process was putting the captions into the videos. It may have been the application itself, but I struggled to keep adding text. It took imagination and patience to get through each video individually. The difference between my draft and final are stark as nothing is similar between the two other than the concept. I had wanted to do film fun things I did throughout my day and put text over them to aid the viewer with context. When you and two other students pointed out to me that my idea was very similar to Tiktok (although I know none of you meant any harm!), I challenged myself to take my work a step further. I created a small storyline in my notes and decided to submit a website through Neocities that the viewers would see as an "interactive story game". I have always been a huge fan of JRPGs (Japanese Roleplay Games) and loved how each option you chose affected the ending. As simple as my piece was and how inexperienced I was with HTML, I decided to give it a try. I had to upload everything to Youtube in order to post them as videos in my Neocities. The process was arduous, but the result bore much fruit for me as I saw my vision come to life! It was very exciting as I have never ever done anything like this before. It honestly filled me with the utmost sense of motivation to continue similar works such as this. It was just riveting to realize that I had made something similar, albeit extremely simplified, to a genre of gaming I loved most. I hope to challenge myself countless more times to improve and create more works like this. It was hard, but then I loved every moment of it!